Welcome to Conference and Renewal

Our lives have been radically changed by the global COVID pandemic and Campion Center Conference & Renewal is transforming its programs to meet the new and changing needs of our spiritual family. Access to what we once called “our normal lives” is being denied or hindered. As with all adversity, our current situation can be understood as an invitation by God to live better, love more, and care for others in new ways. God’s ways!

In opening ourselves to God and the possibilities alive in Ignatian Spirituality, we are offering virtual retreats and online evenings and days of prayer along with our long-respected menu of spiritual programs.

Campion’s team of spiritual directors also offers Our Spiritual Life in a COVID World, a webpage of resources designed to provide solace to those seeking comfort and connection in a time of isolation.

We invite you to walk with us as - together, with the help of God - we adjust to these changes. We are with you in faith and hope for the future. We will get through this difficult time together with God’s help. Everything is still in God’s hands. Everything!

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A Place of Hospitality,
& A Deeper Relationship
with God

Campion Conference & Renewal Center is a place of hospitality and encounter that offers conference spaces for groups as small as 12 people and as large as 200 and we also continue to offer retreat experiences from one day to 30 days to 10 month programs.

As it has for more than 40 years, Campion Center Conference & Renewal serves as a retreat ministry of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) on College Hill in Weston, MA. Here, twenty minutes from downtown Boston, Jesuits and other trained spiritual directors offer retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

These retreats vary in length from individual days of prayer to 30-day silent retreats. A look at the Programs and Events Page lists the 3, 5, & 8 day directed retreats, weekend preached retreats, and the silent 30-day long retreat. Many people come weekly throughout the year to take part in the 19th Annotation retreat (retreat in daily life) that is designed for those wishing to make the 30-day retreat over the course of 30 weeks. And, as it has for 450 years, the Jesuits offer regular on-going Spiritual Direction to seekers near (in person) and far (via skype). Each of these uniquely tailored experiences invites the participant to enter into a deeper, more personal and intimate relationship with God, with themselves, and with the people and world around them. By stepping out of the world for an intentional experience of the transcendent, retreatants find that they are better able to become part of the world.

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Here are some reasons to consider joining us for this unique experience:


Rest is an important part of our relationship with God. In Mark 6:31, Jesus tells his disciples: “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while. For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.”

Do you need time away to slow down, put aside your stresses and unwind?
If so, come and see.


Spiritual renewal goes hand-in-hand with rest. Throughout the Biblical texts, God promises renewal by creating in us clean hearts (Psalm 51), new and tender hearts (Ezekiel), and by discovering God’s law written upon our hearts (Jeremiah 31). Jesus promises to give us living waters (John 4:10) to be a source of new life for us. (John 3)

Do you desire any of these?
If so, come and be fed.


God’s word, especially with time spent reflect upon it and wonder at its meaning, has the power to transform lives.

Are you seeking that type of change?
If so, come to experience new life.


Prayer is a conversation with God. Quiet time is needed to experience God and come to know God more deeply as a personal presence in our lives. There are many benefits and blessings that result from taking the time to engage in a personal relationship with God.

What do you want to say to God? What do you need to hear from God?
If so, come and engage in the conversation.


We often hear others say that they need their space, their time alone, the need to draw apart and be away.

Could you benefit from alone time?
If so, you need to join us for a time of refreshment.

Nov 11

Eight Day Directed Retreat – Online

November 11, 2022 - November 19, 2022

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Nov 11

Five Day Directed Retreat – Online

November 11, 2022 - November 16, 2022

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Nov 11

Weekend Directed Retreat – Online

November 11, 2022 - November 13, 2022

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Peace, stillness, tranquility, calm, rest and a sense of the quiet presence of the transcendent.

Does your spirit crave any of these?
If so, come and be filled.


Become who you were created to be, destined to be, and want to be. See yourself through the eyes of God. Experience the power of the human soul to know and be known, to love and to be loved unconditionally God.

Are you thirsting for the love that God desires you to experience?
If so, consider making a retreat at Campion Conference and Renewal Center.

Convener of Conversations

Campion Center Conference & Renewal located just off the historic Boston Post Road in Weston, Massachusetts is a rich resource of peace and tranquility twenty miles from downtown Boston. From its beginnings a century ago as the educational center for the Jesuits of New England, it later developed into a retreat center that welcomed guests from around the world. Campion has once again transformed itself into a Conference Center - regional convener of conversations animated by the Jesuit/Ignatian tradition especially in the areas of health, wellness, humanism, ethics, and spirituality.

The moment you arrive on College Hill, the placid surroundings invite you to let go of the noise and distractions of everyday life. Our restful country atmosphere, rich woodland expanses, and inviting hiking trails bid you to be quiet and reflective. Come visit us and journey inward to stillness and rest.

Campion is a lively hub for professional and apostolic groups to gather

As a vital, multifaceted day/residential conference center, Campion serves as a lively hub for many professional and apostolic groups that are looking for a place to gather for strategic planning meetings, professional development, and continuing education. As an the apostolic center, our goal is also to bring together collaborative works in the activity of the Catholic Church of Boston, assisting in the pastoral works of evangelization in the Archdiocese of Boston especially to its clergy and seminarians. In addition, Campion is a welcoming place for many religious groups.

We invite you to inquire about our facilities for all your event needs. Whether you are organizing a retreat, a board meeting, a Religious Chapter meeting, or conducting a team-building event, we have the resources to serve groups as intimate as ten people and as large as 250 people.

During your stay as our welcomed guest, our staff will care for your needs. We have 70 individual bedrooms, 10 meeting rooms with for groups from ten to 250 persons, four Chapels with capacity of 5-250 persons, a lovely dining room serving truly delicious homemade meals and internet access via wireless internet access. We can accommodate evening, one-day, weekend and weekly group rentals.

Our Values

At Campion Center we value every person and share a commitment to provide the best possible holistic care for Jesuits and guests.

Balancing our Ignatian commitment to help everyone “find God in all things” with a pledge to offer our Jesuit residents highly-specialized health and wellness services, Campion Center is a dynamic apostolic community where each individual is respected and is offered opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The unwavering commitment of our staff, volunteers, supporters and friends permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring, which are the enduring hallmarks of Campion Center.

Our Mission

Faithful to the mission of Jesus who “came to give life—life in all its fullness” (Jn10:10), Campion Center promotes wellness in spirit, mind and body. It provides Jesuits with the best medical, nursing and rehabilitative care possible in a vibrant, warm and welcoming apostolic community. Campion also offers lay and religious seekers an expansive medley of professional, educational and spiritual care programs and services rooted in the Ignatian tradition.