Francine M. Guy


In October 2004, Francine Guy started working at Campion Center in the Business Office, utilizing her many years of experience in the accounting arena to strengthen the financials and cash management for the Jesuits residing at Campion.

Francine formerly worked as an Accounts Payable Supervisor for a hospital with over 500 employees.  Due to a merger with a second hospital, Francine was asked to handle not only the financials but the computer system conversion for the now merged Finance Department.  Since so many had to be re-educated on the new system, Francine put on her training hat and proceeded to teach all the new and tenured managers the newest system.

Francine, born in Moncton, New Brunswick, immigrated to the United States at age two, and with her parents and siblings settled in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  Francine, speaking and hearing only French at home, started first grade at St. Joseph’s and quickly learned English thanks to the dedication of Sister Marie Paul.  After graduating with a certificate in computer programming, learning seven computer languages, Francine sought new paths to her career, which finally led to Campion.

A banner day for Francine was when she received her US citizenship in 2007.  Flanked by her family, Francine took the oath of citizenship and never looked back.  Francine and her husband Francis still reside in Fitchburg.  They have raised 2 wonderful children and now are happy to babysit for their two grandchildren.  Francine enjoys traveling, concerts and most of all, spending time with her family.