Campion's COVID-19 Precautions

At Campion Conference & Renewal, from August to the end of 2020:

~ all programs have been cancelled and are rescheduled;

~ there will be no private retreats or overnight guests, no in-person spiritual direction, and no public Masses;

~ anyone entering Campion Center will need to follow the COVID19 precautions put in place by the Health & Wellness medical team.

We know how life-giving our spiritual journeys can be and how they sustain us in challenging times. We find purpose in getting-up in the morning with a plan for the day and a destination. We find comfort in communal prayer.

As we deal with this viral pandemic, we are re-imagining how we live, perform our jobs, care for our families, and fulfill our many religious and community obligations.

Our current COVID19 era, with its helpful admonitions to limit social contact, can cause us to lose a sense of that which gives our lives meaning and fills our souls. The purpose we formerly found in connecting with people is being tested and we find that there is a new and greater purpose in limiting our physical and social contact. Our new shared physical-distancing can also be profoundly purposeful and can be considered an act of love.

While we have paused our programs until the end of the year, the Jesuits of Campion continue to pray for all who have found peace in our lovely home.

Conference & Renewal

A regional convener of important conversations offering hospitality to spiritual sojourners

For four decades, a distinctive and welcoming apostolic Jesuit community, Campion Conference & Renewal Center has been a treasured spiritual oasis for people of various ages and faiths who come to experience intellectual and spiritual growth. Majestic buildings designed for 19th century-living are being updated to meet the conference and spirituality needs of the 21st century. We offer an expansive array of professional, educational, and spiritual programs with the added benefit of a community of Jesuits ready to lend their wisdom, experience, and prayer to all who come to share in our life.

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Health & Wellness

Offering Innovative and Integrative Holistic Care to Jesuits

Campion’s Health & Wellness Center is a private, licensed facility that has been providing compassionate integrative medical care to Jesuits within a supportive apostolic Jesuit community for four decades. A team of exceptionally skilled medical professionals at Campion provides a seamless continuum of care that includes independent living options within the Jesuit community; daily assistance in dealing with personal care, medication management, and transportation; hospital-quality care across a comprehensive range for acute and chronic needs; rehabilitative therapies and exercise programs for those convalescing from surgery; managed memory care; and palliative care with a bridge to hospice for men at the end of life.

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Support Campion Center Caring for those who once cared for us

Our Values

At Campion Center we value every person and share a commitment to provide the best possible holistic care for Jesuits and guests.

Balancing our Ignatian commitment to help everyone “find God in all things” with a pledge to offer our Jesuit residents highly-specialized health and wellness services, Campion Center is a dynamic apostolic community where each individual is respected and is offered opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The unwavering commitment of our staff, volunteers, supporters and friends permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring, which are the enduring hallmarks of Campion Center.

Our Mission

Faithful to the mission of Jesus who “came to give life—life in all its fullness” (Jn10:10), Campion Center promotes wellness in spirit, mind and body. It provides Jesuits with the best medical, nursing and rehabilitative care possible in a vibrant, warm and welcoming apostolic community. Campion also offers lay and religious seekers an expansive medley of professional, educational and spiritual care programs and services rooted in the Ignatian tradition.