Public Announcement Concering a
Proposed Health Care Project

Campion Health & Wellness, Inc. (“Applicant”), a licensed skilled nursing facility (“Facility”) dedicated to serving Jesuits priests, located at 319 Concord Rd., Weston, MA 02493 intends to file a Notice of Determination of Need (“Application”) with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to perform substantial renovations to the third floor and related renovations to the Facility’s key building systems, and will seek approval to upgrade the classification of 12 Level IV rest home beds to Level II skilled nursing beds (the “Proposed Project”). The Proposed Project does not result in any expansion of gross square feet of the Facility or change to the Applicant’s licensed bed capacity. At the completion of the Proposed Project, if its request to upgrade the classification of beds is approved and other requirements are met, the third floor, which now consists of 18 Level IV rest home beds, would consist of a 12 bed Level II bed skilled nursing unit and a 6 bed Level IV rest home unit. The Applicant does not anticipate any price or service impacts on the Applicant’s existing Patient Panel as a result of the Proposed Project. The total value of the Proposed Project based on the maximum capital expenditure is $3,738,853. Any ten Taxpayers of Massachusetts may register in connection with the intended Application by no later than December 1, 2020 or 30 days from the Filing Date, whichever is later, by contacting the Department of Public Health Determination of Need Program, 250 Washington Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02108 or by email at Oct 29

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More than ever I find myself in the hands of God

While a Jesuit’s dedication to service and to the Church spans a lifetime, and although there is no mandatory age at which a Jesuit retires, Jesuits do retire from their other professional employment. Jesuits who once served as pastor, professor, president or principal come to Campion Center Health & Wellness and continue to embody the traditions of service, Ignatian spirituality, and ministry.

Built on a foundation of integrative medicine, human nutrition, spiritual care, and personal health management, Campion has developed into a place where Jesuits in need of recuperation and restoration can refresh and rebuild.

Caring for those who once cared for us

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The Jesuit concept of cura personalis, which translates as “care of the person,” has special meaning at Campion. The staff and residents work together to achieve specific person-centered healthcare goals. The staff say that it is a high honor to care for those who once cared for us. The care offered to the Jesuits at Campion allows them to be apostolically available. Always ready to say Mass or offer spiritual direction, they pray daily for the Church, the Society of Jesus, and for all our partners in mission.

Even if they are living with physical limits, the Jesuits at Campion can find a new freedom and a new happiness in their lives as members of this health care community. One of our former General Superiors, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S. J., who suffered a debilitating stroke became a role model for all Jesuits. From his retirement, he wrote, “More than ever I find myself in the hands of God. This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth. But now there is a difference; the initiative is entirely with God. It is indeed a profound spiritual experience to know and feel myself so totally in God’s hands.”

Comprehensive and Compassionate Health Care

Campion Health & Wellness Center is a highly regarded health care facility that has been providing comprehensive and compassionate integrative health care to Jesuits for almost half a century.

U.S. News & World Report has released its latest ratings identifying the nation's top nursing homes. The ratings for 2018-2019 designated Campion as a U.S. news "Best!"

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine as a philosophy of care focuses on the individual while addressing the full range of physical, psychological, emotional, and environmental factors that contribute to healthy living. Back in 1977, the Jesuits of the then New England province had the foresight to establish Campion Health Center. Since that time services have historically focused on nursing care and rehabilitative medicine. While these clinical services continue to be performed with excellence, today they are augmented with a variety of modalities to best meet the identified needs of each individual. These additional modalities may include, acupuncture, herbal medicine, chair yoga, fitness center, therapeutic pool, demonstration kitchen, and prayer rooms.

Human Nutrition

Recognizing the fundamental role with which nutrition plays in optimal health while valuing the importance of meals with regard to quality of life and social connectedness, Campion has cultivated an extremely high level of food, nutrition, and dining sophistication. Visits to the refectory are met with meal selections based on nutritional value, farm to table produce, and eye appeal. It is not uncommon in our culture to base food choices more on convenience than optimal health. At Campion, we re-establish the connection between food choices and well-being. Visit our demonstration kitchen where the fundamentals of good nutrition are observed being translated into dishes from around the globe.

Caring for those who once cared for us

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Spiritual Care

While spiritual care is a subset of the integrative medicine philosophy, here at Campion it takes on an expanded role. Rooted in the Ignatian tradition our Jesuits often find personal enrichment through their participation in the spiritual development and ongoing religious formation of religious and lay participants to the Campion Renewal Center. Jesuits often work with Chaplaincy around life review and managing a modified pace in their ministry to accommodate changes in physical health.

Personal Health Management

Built on the assessments of the departments of nursing, rehabilitation (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy), medicine, chaplaincy, social services, therapeutic activities, and nutritional services, recommendations are made to the individual to inform his decision making about health care. Part of a patient-centered approach to care; the team strives to empower each individual Jesuit in making choices toward healthier lives. The goal is to restore each individual’s capacity to be as fully engaged in his ministry as is clinically possible.

The choice to visit the Campion Health & Wellness center is a choice to collaborate with the Campion team, a choice to collaborate with your Jesuit brothers who are looking at their healthcare and lifestyle choices too. Campion Health & Wellness Center provides opportunities for visiting Jesuits to take advantage of the structures their Jesuit brothers have long been putting into place to care, inform, entertain, and heal.