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Additional Questions?

If you have a specific question for a Campion Center department feel free to reach out directly to one of the staff members below. Thank you for your interest in Campion Center.

For questions related to Conferences & Retreats at Campion Center please contact Anne Copponi at her email address acopponi@campioncenter.org or phone 781-419-1337.

To register for Campion Center Retreats or Conferences sign up by finding the Event on our Programs page.

For questions related to Health & Wellness at Campion Center please contact Nick Gilbert at
ngilbert@campioncenter.org or phone 781-788-4770.

For questions related to the Jesuit Community at Campion Center please contact Annette Bliss at abliss@campioncenter.org or phone 781-788-4708.

For questions related to Employment at Campion Center please contact Cheryl Wright at jobs@campioncenter.org or phone 781-788- 4761.

For questions related to Finances at Campion Center please contact Sandra Graham at sgraham@campioncenter.org or phone 781-788-4724.

For questions related to Invoices or Accounts Payable at Campion Center please contact Grace Bolls at campionpay@campioncenter.org or 781-788-4720.

For Donations to Campion Center please give through our secure online donation process or send an email to donate@campioncenter.org


319 Concord Road Weston, MA 02493-1398
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Phone: (781) 788-6800
Fax: (781) 894-5864


Are you looking for volunteer opportunities at Campion? Send us a brief note about how you might be able to help and we'll be in touch.