Life at Campion

We invite to join your brother Jesuits from the east coast who are missioned to the important work of praying for the Society of Jesus (ora pro Soc.) and looking at the next stage of their lives.

A Diverse and Dynamic Community

I love meeting new Jesuits. The breadth and depth of their experiences amazes me. Humor and wit are never absent from their stories.  Nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists and administrators are just a few of the career paths Jesuits have followed. Some have traveled the world, while others have chosen to spend decades in one place. Their bonds are strong and the connections complex.

Jesuits may worry that relocating to Campion represents an ending. I believe it can be a new beginning. Reconnecting with classmates and colleagues, providing spiritual direction in the retreat center and beyond, as well as engaging with a diverse and dynamic community, are some of the ways that residents continue to embrace their work and lead meaningful lives.

Diverse and Dynamic Community

Jill Blaszkowsky

Director, Social Work Services / LICSW

Campion Center Health & Wellness