Campion Center is an anchor for the Society of Jesus and it’s diverse educational and pastoral ministries in the New England region. Home to a community of some 80 Jesuit priests and brothers, Campion Center’s mission is distinctive. Since the 1970s, this former house of studies in Weston, Massachusetts has served as a CMS Five-Star rated, licensed Health & Wellness Center caring for aging, infirm, injured and disabled Jesuits within a vibrant, active, and engaging apostolic context.

As an integral component of its mandate, Campion Center also hosts and operates a Conference & Renewal Center—a multifaceted day and residential facility that brings together local, regional and international partners in mission to collaborate in a variety of professional, spiritual, social justice and other apostolic projects.

To its core, Campion Center is Jesuit. Faithful to every Jesuit’s lifelong commitment “to find God in all things,” Campion Center is distinguishing itself by the ways it audaciously seeks to “understand how God invites us—and so many people of good will—to share in that great work of reconciliation and mercy.” (GC 36)

In addition to Campion Center’s professional commitments to healthcare and personal renewal, we are seeking to revive “spiritual hospitality to strangers, to the poor, to those who are alienated or abandoned, and to those who are marginalized.” (GC 36, 16) As the GC 36 invites, Campion Center is developing innovative and effective ways to respond to the challenge of helping the many in our world who are seeking reconciliation, mercy, personal meaning, and a spiritual connection with God.

Campion Center—a distinctive apostolic Jesuit community—enthusiastically embraces this mission.