Jill Blaszkowsky

Director, Social Work Services / LICSW

Jill has been employed as the Director of Social Work Services at Campion Health and Wellness Center since May of 2016.  As the mental health expert on the team, she identifies the psychosocial, mental and emotional needs of residents and gives therapeutic counseling to enhance their overall adjustment and wellbeing.  In addition, she facilitates monthly Resident Council Meetings, provides liaison between residents and staff around care needs, as well as participates in ongoing education regarding issues that are unique to this community.

Jill holds a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and received her M.S.W. from Simmons College.  Prior to her employment at Campion Center Health & Wellness, Jill worked as an Oncology Social Worker at Tufts Medical Center.  In addition to providing therapeutic support and resources to patients and families managing a variety of physical and emotional issues, she also facilitated support groups for cancer patients and caregivers including a monthly group for patients with laryngectomies.

Jill enjoys working with the team at Campion to ensure that the Priests and Brothers experience the highest level of independence, dignity and quality of life.