Virginie Iturralde

Unit Manager / RN

Virginie joined Campion Center in 1995, a decision she never regretted.  Here, her specialized skills allow her to concentrate on the care and needs of the Jesuits.  The homey atmosphere of Campion differentiates from the more traditional business of hospitals, which makes her workday unique and rewarding.

Virginie received her degree in nursing in her home country of the Philippines.  Soon after graduation, she went abroad, working as an operating room nurse and a Nurse Anesthetist in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. During this time, Virginie learned to speak Arabic, which made her tri-lingual, a wonderful asset to the well-traveled person.

After moving to the United States, Virginie worked for a time at Mercy Hospital in Long Island, New York and ultimately moved to Massachusetts to work with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.  From there, Virginie kept exploring the possibilities, leading her to Campion Center.

For Virginie, working at Campion Center has never been a difficult task as it is an extension of her family.  Bringing her talents with her ukulele to the residents of Campion solidifies her commitment in providing not only the best health care, but also the best care of the human heart.